AWESOME Moments as a Doctor

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Has anyone read ‘The Book of Awesome’ by Neil Pasricha? It is one of my absolute favourites for days that feel less than awesome. The concept of the book is brilliant and yet so simple – recognizing and celebrating life’s sweet little moments. After a tough shift, I challenged myself to come up with 16 ‘Awesome’ moments in Medicine. What a fun exercise this was! Some are a little sassy, some are sweet. But all helped me to come back to a more grounded, grateful head space. Here are my 16 ‘Awesome’ residency moments:

  1. When your last page comes at midnight and no other issues come up before handover.
  2. When whatever gentle soul was making up the call rooms left TWO pillows and TWO blankets instead of one – hello comfort!
  3. When you go to grab a coffee and there’s NO line.
  4. When you get the scrubs that tie up in front rather than the silly, sultry pair which show some scandalous side skin.
  5. When some generous soul buys a box of 80 Timbits for the department and there’s a healthy number of sour cream glazed remaining.
  6. When you walk outside into the crisp autumn air and feeling the sun on your skin after finishing a 26 hour call shift.
  7. When you thought you left your stethoscope on the 8th floor and you look into your call bag and it’s. right. there.
  8. When one of your staff kindly offers to buy dinner for the team.
  9. When you need to look up some blood work and there are several computers ready and waiting.
  10. When said computers load in a reasonable amount of time without any crashes, glitches, implosions, explosions…
  11. When your last patient ‘No Shows’ after a double-booked, ten hour clinic day and you have a quick moment to catch your breath (and document).
  12. When(ever) the therapy dogs come around to visit (!!!)
  13. When some grant money comes in that you weren’t expecting.
  14. When the surgeon has a bumping playlist going in the OR (and also when you no longer have to be in the OR #psychiatry).
  15. When you run into some of your friends in other services and are able to exchange quick hugs, smiles, eye rolls while desperately trying to keep up with your staff.
  16. When your call room has an en suite washroom and you get a taste of true luxury.

…Awesome, right?


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