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What I Learned From My First Year As A Resident Doctor

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1. You’re only one…Google search away from coming up with a differential so long that even your staff is rolling their eyes.

2. Getting two pillows in your call-room is the universe throwing you a HUGE bone.

3. You’ll constantly be surprised by your ability to run on less and less sleep and more and more coffee.

4. You’ll start to understand why the enthusiasm of medical learners brightens up any ward.

5. Being part of a professional group is nice and so is having benefits – begin chanting – I have rights! I have rights!

6. Nothing cures the post-call blues like the comedic genius of Kevin Hart, John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, and Amy Poehler. Nothing.

7. One of the coolest moments will be being when you get called to a code and are able to manage it (#iknowstuff).

8. Be kinds to nurses.

9. Be kind to the person who hands out call room keys.

11. Drink lots of water and lots of coffee. But more water than coffee.

12. People can’t help you if you don’t let them know you’re struggling.

13. Rounds scheduled on days that end in ‘y’ typically have coffee at them.

14. Sometimes the quality of a rotation depends on the frequency of free coffees.

15. It goes faster than you think.

16. Patients love when you ask about their pets.

17. Ask how often the hospital keyboards get cleaned. I dare you.

18. Be kind to everyone…but especially the Timbit guy at Tim Horton’s.



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