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Why I Didn’t Watch the Royal Wedding

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Because I fundamentally disagree with a system which supports and reinforces a hierarchy of human existence. I reject the idea that some lives are more valuable, important, or noble because of their last name, where they were born, or the type of clothes they wear.

Because I can’t help but estimate how many of my patients could have been fed, housed, or treated with the cost of the outfit-changes alone.

Because I wonder how and why we, as a society, are uncomfortable with meeting the gaze of our homeless neighbours but will pine for a glimpse of far-away strangers with forced, flashy smiles. Why is humanity made palatable by designer dresses, artificial designations, and shiny cars?

Because I resent the expectation that women should give up their interests and career pursuits to maintain an image deemed appropriate by others.

Because I’m waiting for the day when the love of all people is acknowledged and celebrated with the same zeal and enthusiasm. A day when all people feel safe and welcome to step outside and express their truest identities.

Because I believe that there are other events in our society worthy of our discussion which are discounted, dismissed, or diminished because they make society uncomfortable and do not generate such handsome pay checks.

Because I wish that other successful, ambitious women received the same amount of attention as the blushing bride so that little girls could dream beyond their wedding day where the tenacity of their resolve and creativity supersedes the price tag on their gowns.



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